Saturday, August 11, 2012

Guardian GI (Red Alert 2)

The Guardian GIs are Allied anti-tank heavy troopers that appear in Yuri's Revenge.

This one was a bit tricky to make, because there aren't many pictures of it online.  

Like the standard GI, they are able to deploy into personal fortifications; instead of sandbags however, the Guardian GIs use collapsible steel emplacements that not only protected them from small arms fire but also render them immune to the crushing treads of tanks and other vehicles. Once deployed, they swapped their rifles for anti-tank Javelin RPG launchers. A group of three Guardian GIs with Javelins can turn enemy tanks (and aircraft) into scrap metal in seconds.

How to change skins:

Go to the Profile page. Upload the downloaded skin (.png image file), which will then replace the default skin. 

Download skin:


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