Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gunner (C&C Renegade)

A High-Quality skin from Ophyzarr of Gunner (AKA Nigel Grant) of the Dead 6 from Command & Conquer, Specifically Command & Conquer Renegade. Check out more of Ophyzarr's projects.

The Skin uses sources from C&C: Renegade in Textures, Concept art and In-game Screenshots

A Briton with a massive frame (201 cm and 124 kg), Nigel Gunner Grant is the Dead 6 heavy weapons specialist: his primary weapon is a rocket launcher. He is an Afro-English born and raised in London's worst parts. He was seconded to GDI through the SBS (Special Boat Service).

I made the skin copying exactly from game textures, unfortunately Minecraft doesn't support asymmetrical shoulders, So I couldn't add his shoulder pad, but overall I'm happy with the skin.

How to change skins:

Go to the Profile page. Upload the downloaded skin (.png image file), which will then replace the default skin. 

Download skin:

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