Saturday, August 11, 2012

Stealth Black Hand (C&C Renegade)

This Skin was made by Ophyzarr, a friend of ours. he's currently working on making the Dead 6 from C&C Renegade. Here's his High-Quality skin of the Stealth Black Hand of the Brotherhood of Nod from Command & Conquer, Specifically Command & Conquer Renegade. Be sure to check out his page here.

The Skin took roughly 3/4 of an hour to make, and uses sources from C&C: Renegade in Textures and Concept art,

Originally, Renegade Textures were copied and mapped out to suit the Minecraft texture map, working on that as a base, I sharpened the original textures, then created a whole new texture using the pre-mapped game texture as a referance.

How to change skins:

Go to the Profile page. Upload the downloaded skin (.png image file), which will then replace the default skin. 

Download skin:

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