Saturday, September 1, 2012

Floating Disc (Yuri's Revenge)

Yuri had a flair for the dramatic, and also a clear appreciation for nostalgia and old movies. When Yuri decided to develop an economy attacking unit, he decided to theme it off of the flying saucers of old sci-fi movies. The end result was the Floating Disc. 

The flying disc is simply that. It is a silver hued tapered disc equipped with hover technology that allows it to move about the battlefield. Along the outer edge of the floating disc was a laser actuator, which built charge as the beam circled the disc and then released in one blast at targets. At the center of the disc was a sphere which contained the Floating Disc's drain beam. Due to its design, it was also fully capable of flying and fighting in the near vacuum of lunar atmosphere. More info here.


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