Monday, February 18, 2013

Deadeye (C&C Renegade)

Hey guys sorry for the slow updates, we've been cooking up something big, you will like it when it's finished. 

In the meantime here's another High-Quality skin from Ophyzarr of Deadeye (AKA Dariel MacInnis)  of the Dead 6 from Command & Conquer, Specifically Command & Conquer Renegade. Check out more of Ophyzarr's projects.

The Skin uses sources from C&C: Renegade in Textures, Concept art and In-game Screenshots
Hailing from Scotland, Dariel Deadeye MacInnis is a tactical field sniper with incredible accuracy, the top GDI marksman; he has a nearly flawless ratio of shots fired and targets hit from 200 meters and beyond. He was formerly a member of the Special Air Service before joining GDI, eventually finding his place at the Dead 6.
According to Nigel Grant, Deadeye dislikes talking about the past of Dead-6 and their operations.

Ophyzarr made the skin improvising as best as he could from game textures, Ophyzarr says the beret could have looked alot better if minecraft used 3D Voxels for the helmet, but he did the best he could with what he had.

How to change skins:

Go to the Profile page. Upload the downloaded skin (.png image file), which will then replace the default skin. 

Download skin

You can download the Deadeye skin here.

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