Saturday, October 5, 2013

MW3 Texture Pack (by HerobrineLvX)

This texture pack was made by one of our CNCminecraft Teammembers, HerobrineLvX

Modern Warfare 3 Texture Pack Currently Includes:
*Juggernaut Armor as Diamond Armor
*Corporal Suit as Gold Armor
*Snow Camouflage as Iron Armor
*Colour Custom Military Uniform as Leather Armor (Colour Custom by Dyeing)
*Ghillie Suit as Chainmail Armor
*Knife as the Sword
*Sickle as the Pickaxe
*Battleaxe as the Axe
*Scythe as the Hoe
*Ball and Chain as the Fishing Rod
*Minecart as a Military Jeep (WIP)
*African Militia as the Skeleton
*Suicide Bomber as the Creeper
*Rails are now Roads (For the Jeep Minecart)
*Terrain is now 90% complete
*Gui completed
*More mobs done
*Half of the Items complete



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