Thursday, June 12, 2014

C&C Renegade rebuilt in Minecraft (1:1 Scale)

Here's a tribute to our friends at Renegade X. We crafted a complete remake of Renegade's C&C_Islands.mix map (1:1 scale) . It's a fully functional PvP, Team versus Team map.

Our goal is a full preparation for a working C&C Mode in Minecraft with vehicles, weapons and Purchase terminals and an MCT. The current version has buildings with working doors using redstone command blocks, even the Warfactory's vehicle gate opens and closes. The world is set in a regular Minecraft survival map, so you're not restricted to just these islands. You can roam,craft and explore the world and perhaps use these islands as your main base.

MCEdit Schematics


  1. Please, chcek world save. Isn't it broken? When i am entering downloaded world i have got gigantic lags. Problem disappears if i will paste mcedit schematics from downloaded save to another world but mcedit doesn't save redstone correctle and all mechanisms are broken.

  2. Super awesome builds, I love CNC :D

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